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Art unity TM-Studia is a unique phenomenon in a contemporary cultural ambient. This fellowship of artists from Moscow and Nizhnii Novgorod was formed about 8 years ago and at the moment includes about 30 artists-members. The artists create their works in different styles and genres, but the main features remain and they are expressionism, kindness, humanity, integrity of means and sense. Along with the creative side the artists organize events and exhibitions, that combine fine arts, music, theatre and motion. This helps to create the atmosphere of art and, again, integrity, which is quite rare nowadays.

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In these eight years TM-Studia has acquired some good traditions within itself. And one of these is an Open Art Camp, inevitable source of creative progress and depth. Art Camp takes place far from hectic big cities, in an ecologically clean area, about 500 km away from Moscow. This area is known for miracles happening since ancient times, just about 30 minute-drive away there is a Sarov Monastery and Diveevo – a very special place for orthodox people of Russia, where miracles still happen indeed. Drinking water for all the participants is delivered from so called “blessed springs” – it stays clean and fresh for a long time and is said to help fighting against illnesses.

The Art Camp is headed by the leader artist of TM-Studia – Konstantin Konstantinov – with his contagious inspiration and high-professionalism. Every participant of the Art Camp, regardless his artistic level, will be able to develop his creative abilities and means of expression, learn to see and feel the essence of beauty and behold the untouched harmony of nature. Friendly atmosphere and unitrusive attention help the participants drop the pressure of social life and truly unite with the inner Creator within themselves.


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Dates of ART CAMP 2014: June, 23 – 29 and July, 22 – 31. The camping base offers accommodation in double rooms and rooms for 4 in wooden summer houses. The payment includes three meals daily, Russian banya, transfer from and to the railway station. The camp has a wonderful forest lake straight on its territory and pure deep river 500 meters away.

    The program of ART CAMP:
  • Work-shops of different technics in the open air ( painting with coal, pastel, sanguine, work with paints)
  • Composition basis
  • Drawing of sketches and etudes
  • Still-life drawing
  • Tea on the green sunny glade
  • Bathing in lake and river
  • Nature, good weather, wind in pines!

Languages spoken: English, French, German;
Materials are provided.

This film is also available on youTube in fullHD.

"What is a "miracle"?
“It is a unique, hardly probable event.
Not liable to replication.”

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Not liable to replication".