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Mayfair School of English
Mayfair School of English is an independent, year-round English Language school in central London. We offer high quality language tuition to students from around the world in a caring and professional environment. We strive to give our students the best possible opportunity to gain confidence in English and make the most of their time in London. Founded in 1986, we have provided English courses for almost 30 years.
For more information on our recent art competition with the British Council, Moscow, please follow the link below.
For more information on the school, please click here and read about our English courses.
Accredited by the British Council

SkyNext – motion design group;

Nizhegorodskii Youth Theatre ();

– lyrical rock'n'roll band;

band – music for live people;

the Racoons – folk-rock band;

Laureat of international competitions, anicent music ensemble "Galiarda" – performing Barocco music on authentic instruments;

Nizhnii Novgorod soloists – chamber orchestra;

Folk-band "Mervent";

Mishouris Blues Band.

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