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We manifest ourselves to this world through our activities, thoughts and dreams. With every step we make we test the reality around us and eventually these steps shape the reality itself and it becomes our life and destiny.

We find the outer world reflected within us, and we define it, name it, mold it and fill with essence... Just like generations of our ancestors used to do.

Within this space where personal fate transfers into the fate of the Humanity, between the outer and the inner, and quite a variety of different betweens, between the rational and irrational – we draw maps and images of the world that we inhabit and the worlds hidden inside every human being.

In modern reality, so full of various post- and next-, our perception is greatly fragmented, the links between image and phenomena it refers to are lost and are impossible to be discovered rationally. Moreover, emotional methods of revealing these links are broken by the very context of contemporary trends in art, which mostly became artificial trends.

We invest our creative energy into the Space Between. Between the paintings and the beholder, the author and you, the viewer and his feelings and his dreams. Such approach helps to build stronger relations between art and everyday life with more and more people getting involved into this magic. And we consider this to be our utmost profit.

We look upon our inner essence carefully and attentively, we look upon other people, we listen and then we speak.

One of the project names of our exhibition was We Are Open. This expression, though widely used, gets a deeper meaning within this particular context.

And again the impossible becomes possible.




Dear friends!

TM-Studia artists wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Let joy, inspiration and success be with you this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Dear friends!

This Autumn TM-studia artists spent on the road being on massive art-tour in Europe. During this European tour the artists successfully showed their works in central galleries of London and Paris, established new creative contacts and made new landscape paintings at Spanish plein-air session.

In Paris TM-Studia took part in creative programs of its permanent artistic partners - Moving Theatre by Alyona Ageeva PosleSlov and world renowned choreographer and dancer Katsura Kan (Japan). Mutual performances got the most delightful feedback and warm reviews! Among exhibition guests were Boris Akunin, French composer Jean-No, dancers Efi Farmaki (Greece), Sad Bastard (France) and Parisian gallerists and fine art collectors.

In Spain the artists held their traditional plein-air. Within just a few days, TM-Studia fund received lots of new works, full of Spanish sun and the scent of the sea. No wonder, that its exactly these works that got especially popular in Foggy Albion capital and precisely these sunny works were purchased to the private collections.

The closing point of this artistic travel of TM-Studia artists became an art-project in the very heart of London. More than 50 paintings and graphic works were exhibited in the 4 storey mansion of Mayfair School on Oxford Street. The exhibition guests were creative director SACO company Brett Macdonald, theatre actors Leon Davies and Natasha Sotra, actor and writer Bob Goody, curator Alexandra Smirnova and many other amazing people. As a part of London art-project the artists held unique surprise night, where the artists sang very rare ancient traditional Russian songs, and Russian singer Aisis sang some Brazilian and French songs as well. Several works were purchased at the exhibition, and now the bright works of Russian new wave artists are part of British private collections.

TM-Studia is grateful to all those who helped European project happen and hope to continue futher collaborations for the sake of keeping the cultural relations between our countries!


Dear Friends!

In no time TM-Studia is leaving for a Big European Trip! France, Spain and Great Britain are waiting for us to come!

In the very heart of Paris, close to Notre Dame de Paris, in Galerie 15 there will be an exhibition of our new works! Within the exhibition there will be different exciting meetings, and also the performance by Alyona Ageeva Physical Theatre. The exhibition will be opened from September, 27 to 30th, 9-18, by the address: 15 Rue du Pont Louise-Philippe.

After France we are going to sunny Spain for a plein-air to make new paintings at the Spanish seaside.

And, finally, in the capital of Foggy Albion, there will be TM-Studia exhibition, starting on October, 22.

The exhibition will be held in the centre of London, at Oxford str. 103 (Mayfair School of English). The exposition will unite brand new works along with the famous TM-Studia paintings from its Golden fund.

If by chance you happen to be in Paris or London these dates, we will be very happy to see you! And invite your friends it's gonna be a great event! And, traditionally, you'll share a cup of tea with the artists!

We welcome you and your friends!

The visit to London exhibition is upon request, so, please, get in touch with us in advance if you wish to come.

See you in different countries and cities! :))


Dear friends we have great news! As part of our major Europroject we are coming with an exhibition to London! We are incredibly happy that we are part of the crosscultural exchange between our countires, and hope the Year of culture UK-Russia, that happened in 2014 will bring even more opportunitites for creative collaboration! Our exhibition will be held from October, 22-31, in the very heart of London, at Oxford street, 103.

Here is where a fantastic language school is located. Mayfair school is an institution where one of our artists, a winner of an art competition by the British Council and Mayfair School, studied English for several weeks. We are happy to recommend it to you, as the students are being treated with great care and friendlyness. And due to the best teaching methods one gets impressive results fast. And it's simply interesting to study there!

It's special honour and pleasure for us to have our exhibition at Mayfair school and we are happy that students from all over the world will see our art!

You are welcome to join!

Dear Friends!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
We wish you Creativity, Joy and Kind Miracles! -Studia Artists


TM-Studia organizes a traveling art-project in Finland on May, 2nd-12th!

On May, 3rd-8th we take part in Bravo, Turku! festival, and from May, 9th to May,12th we exhibit our fine art and graphics in AVA gallery, Helsinki.

It's extremely important for TM-Studia artists to create a dialog between a beholder and an artists, between different fields of art and between cultures of different countries. We are looking for new ways and opportunities to meet our beholders, on different locations and in different cities and countries. Our Spring adventure is another step to the Miraculous! :)
Free admission.


Our video collection increased with new film from our recent event "Winter Shades of Miracle":

This film is also available on youTube in fullHD!


Our video collection increased with new film from our recent event "ARTS BOULEVARD":

Film is also available on youTube in fullHD.


Our video collection increased with new film from our recent event "Autumn Shades of Miracle":

Film is also available on youTube in fullHD.


TM-Studia welcomes everyone to join our new one-day art-project Autumn Shades of Miracle. It wil be held on September, 18th at one of the most picturesque places of Moscow - Aptekarskii Ogorod).

Youll see brand new works that the artists created during the Summer plein air. Some of them still have dry oil on the canvas, so they are fresh as can be!

    The agenda of the art-project includes:
  • - exhibition of the works by TM-Studia
  • - plein-air master-class with the visitors of Aptekarskii Ogorod
  • - tea ceremony with sweets
  • - acoustic set by our dear friends, folk-band Mervent (be ready to dance:))

We are waiting for you to join! Feel free to bring paper, markers, brushes and paints all you want - and we will provide you with great athmoshpere and positive mind-set. The exhibition starts at 12 am, the concert - at 18:00, exhibition closes at 22:00 Here is a video we made at the last art-project. Please, call, if you have any questions — 745 11 25.

"What is a "miracle"?
It is a unique, hardly probable event.
Not liable to replication.

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 -"It is a unique, hardly probable event.
Not liable to replication".