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TM-Studia  is a fellowship of artists from Moscow, Nizhnii Novgorod and Toronto. "T"  in the name stands for "Tvorcheskie" (Art) and "M"   - for "Masterskie" (Workshops).

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This art unity includes 30 professional artists, whose works can be found in catalogues "The Names in Russian Art" (PH "Izograf", Moscow).  The artists not only organize their own exhibitions and art-projects, but participate in regular exhibitions of "Izograf" gallery.  Among "TM-Studia" artists are several members of International Art Fund and International Association of Designers Unity.

The artists themselves claim their fellowship "a unique phenomenon, almost a miracle". "Artistry" and "Creativity" are the main words describing not only the works of TM-Studia, but the framing and the very process of exposing the paintings in the way that every exhibition becomes unique space of creative dialogue. Thus music, theater, motion and fine arts interact with each other and build the atmosphere of wholeness, quite rare nowadays.

TM-Studia started in 2002 under the guidance of a Moscow-based artist Konstantin Konstantinov. The artists are united with an interest to themselves and the world around, search for means of expression of deep feeling, emotions, experiences and things that touch us to the core. What differs these artists from many others is an attempt to build the space "between" – between the painting and the beholder, between the artists and the painting, between the artist and the visitor.  This way a painting becomes the aim and the means, the map and the whole world. The world with possibilities for new senses to appear and the "wow"-discoveries to be made; the world of deep feelings and enriching experience to be expressed symbolically.

The works of TM-Studia represent different genres and styles - from early Renaissance to postmodernism and Russian avant-garde.  The gallery of "TM-Studia" works tells a story of how the variety of artistic means can help to express the inexpressible – the shades of feelings and state of heart and mind; and let the beholder relate to this. TM-Studia doesn't try to keep to one stream but to keep connected to all the aspects of traditional and contemporary art field.

"What is a "miracle"?
"It is a unique, hardly probable event.
Not liable to replication."

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Сайт ТМ-Студии"It is a unique, hardly probable event.
Not liable to replication".